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Get to know your family!

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As we are all facing a continued period of ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing’, now could be an ideal time (maybe one you have always promised yourself to do, but never got round to) to explore the history of your family – what could be described as ‘social joining’.


Whilst we remain in this situation, obviously we are unable to open the museum to you physically, but we can still offer you the opportunity to explore your ancestors from the Winchcombe area, how they lived and what may have done.


Gathered over many many years the museum has a database of over 87,000 records of people in Winchcombe and the surrounding villages. These are the census records, trade directories, parish births, marriages and deaths records along with a large number of other records dating as far back as 1539, including stone inscriptions from St Peter’s Churchyard which were transcribed in the 1990’s and form a valuable record of gravestones that can no longer be read, as well as the court records in the 19th century. 


We have a team of very knowledgeable volunteers at the Museum, who may be able to provide additional information. So, please get in touch and let us help you discover more about your past family.


How do you start investigating your ancestors? Quite simply email to us at with as much information as you already have and we will take it from there. 


As we are sure you will appreciate, this can be a time consuming project depending on the complexity of the records relating to your own search. If we can only provide you with one or two references, then a small donation amount of £5 would be appropriate. However, if we can provide you with a substantial amount of information, then we would ask you to make a reasonable donation of £20. It could be the most interesting £20 you’ve ever spent! These payments can be paid to our account at JustGiving where you may be able to allow JustGiving to collect the Gift Aid on our behalf.










Whilst we are all waiting, and looking forward to a new future, why not take time to look back at your family – you may find it very interesting.

As part of the family search - we have included information concerning the Smith Family from 1815 - 1911, it is really interesting. Click here to see the outline and a link to further information (3).png
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