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Why Winchcombe Museum is important?

  • It provides a focal point for Winchcombe’s history and attractions at the Town Centre.

  • Attracting more visitors means increased trade for the Town’s shops and businesses.

  • It helps to celebrate the history of Winchcombe and its surroundings.

  • It provides a major resource for residents and visitors to research family history.

Current Situation:

  • Action is required now to help increase the number of visitors and support the existing volunteers.

  • Plans are underway to improve the ground floor entrance, to provide a lift so that even more access is available to disabled visitors as well as those with pushchairs etc.

  • Exhibit displays are also in need of replacement or improvement.

Resources and contents of the Museum:

  • Over 3,000 items in the collection plus 1,500 digital pictures spanning over 1000 years of history

  • Database of over 85,000 mentions of Winchcombe People.

  • The Town Maces.

  • A series of Museum Talks – over 700 people attended in past 12 months.

What the Museum needs to do:

  • Make the Museum more inviting to attract more visitors.

  • Increase marketing & publicity.

  • Create a new ground floor entrance with a glazed welcome area.

  • Create a lift to first floor and provide a modern toilet suitable for all.

  • Obtain new displays to show off the exhibits and the interior of the Town Hall.

  • Recruit more volunteers.

These are all essential actions necessary to ensure the continued existence of the museum.

Progress so far:

  • Planning and consents have been obtained to create a new ground floor entrance, a new toilet and install the lift as well as expanding the Tourist Information Centre

  • Development talks with Heritage Lottery Fund for help to transform the Museum space on the first floor. are also underway. This Phase 2 will be a year or two in the future.

What you can do to help:

Email:  to:

  • Sign up for the newsletter and/or contact us via the Museum

  • Volunteer some time

  • Join a team to help to get the project completed.

How you can donate:

Now, thanks to the support from the Winchcombe Town Council, you can get your donation doubled: The Council have generously agreed to match fund the donations up to a maximum of £10,000.

You can now make a donation to support our future plans by visiting the Museum and putting money in a collecting box, or to fill in a Gift Aid Form or via Virgin, Amazon Smile:

Donate– through Virgin Giving:

We can reclaim back your tax:

Donate using AmazonSmile:

We can get ½% of your spend.

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