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About the Museum

Winchcombe Museum began life in 1928 in the Parvis Room, above the porch at St Peter’s Church. Eleanor Adlard started her collection with a donation of important documents, saved by the former High Bailiff, Edmund Thomas Browne.


The artefacts were moved to the downstairs room at the old Town Hall, and, in 1983, when Ross Simms arranged to house his fascinating collection of police uniforms, weapons and other memorabilia in the court room, he invited the museum to share the premises.

The museum also houses a fantastic collection of British and International Police Uniforms - both historic and modern.

There are a large number of informative folders about local history, as well as folders to assist you with your research into your family history. These all help to explain more about Winchcombe and the surrounding area as well as assisting possibly with your own family history research.

There are also free 'activity sheets' for accompanied children.

We have a lift, so the museum is suitable for wheelchair users.

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