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During this very difficult time that we find ourselves in, we at Winchcombe Museum want to retain some form of normality to our everyday lives. So, as we are unable to actually open the museum to you as visitors, we have decided to take the museum and some of its more important and interesting items and collection directly to you via the website and other ‘social media’ platforms.



During the past months, we have been highlighting on our ‘Virtual Museum’ pages some of these through a collection of photographs, text, downloadable documents and where appropriate some audio. We hope that in some way this compensates for you not being able to visit us at the moment.


We will continue to do this whilst the current situation exists.

We have such a lot to show you that we have added some simple graphics to enable you to see the 'virtual presentations' easier - they are still in the main menu as well. To view them simply click on any one of the images below and it will take you immediately to the presentation. You can then safely navigate round the other presentations. 

The FEBRUARY Virtual Museum presentation is: Mythical Beasts































Please feel free to comment on any of the ‘presentations’ that you will see, and also any suggestions on others that you would like to see. 



The museum is totally volunteer run and we have some exciting plans for the future to bring it up to 21st century requirements and to protect its future.





Please take time to visit our other pages, especially GET INVOLVED page where you will find more information on how to become a volunteer, or get in touch.


Thank you.

Our Community Survey has now concluded, and we would like to thank all those who participated. The response, both in terms of numbers, and content was absolutely amazing. So, well done to you all who contributed.

The points made and suggestions offered will all the reviewed and hopefully  play an important part in the formulation of the next very substantial plans for the continued further re-development of the Museum.

Mythical Beasts
Mythical Beasts in the Museum
Winchcombe Pottery
Winchcombe Pottery
Belas Knap
Winchcombe Abbey
Civil War / Tobacco
Lost Buildings
Winchcombe Mysteries
Family Search
War Memorial
Winchcombe Banner
Town Banners
The Tanneries
The Tanneries
Christmases Past
VAD Ward
Museum flowers
Flowers from the Royal Coat of Arms
Mythical Beasts
Mythical Beasts in the Museum
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Our Mission

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'Our museum seeks to encourage and promote further interest, understanding and involvement in the historical heritage of Winchcombe and the surrounding area through its unique collections and archives for the benefit of both ​the local community and visitors.'

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As you can no doubt appreciate, the Museum is now closed and will re-open when we are instructed to do so and at a safe time.

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