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Covid-19 Announcement

Due to the continued restrictions imposed because of the corona virus unfortunately the museum must remain closed.

However, during this very difficult time that we find ourselves in, we aim to retain some form of normality to our everyday lives. So, as we are unable to actually open the museum to you as visitors, we decided to take the museum and some of its more important and interesting items and collections directly to you via our new 'virtual' website and other ‘social media’ platforms.

Keeping the Museum 'Open'

During the past months, we have been highlighting on our ‘Virtual Museum’ pages some of these through a collection of photographs, text, downloadable documents and where appropriate some audio and video. We hope that in some way this compensates for you not being able to visit us at the moment. 

We will continue to do this whilst the current situation exists.​

We have such a lot to show you that we have created a 'virtual museum' where you can see the monthly updated presentations'.  

Looking to the Future

We have very ambitious plans for the future of the museum. These starred with the glazing in of the undercroft area in 2020. This development enabled us to create a new  entrance to the museum through an improved  visitor centre, we also incorporated a new passenger lift to enable those who couldn't manage the stairs to access the main display areas on the first floor as well as new 'disabled washroom' facilities.

The museum team are now working on the complete transformation of the main area with new and improved 

displays, video and interactive displays.

Great News: Our 'ever popular 'Pop-up' Shop and Artists are now ready to re-open - For full details and dates, just click HERE
The current 'Virtual Page'
is all about the
World War 1 Red Cross  Hospital - just click the link to view
You can now see and read
the story of the initial
reaction to the amazing WINCHCOMBE METEORITE  - just click on the image

Our Mission

'Our museum seeks to encourage and promote further interest, understanding and involvement in the historical heritage of Winchcombe and the surrounding area through its unique collections and archives for the benefit of both ​the local community and visitors.'

Opening Times:
Every Saturday from 17th April, 10:00 am until 4:00 pm
Entry will be free, and downstairs will be open, but upstairs will be closed.

Winchcombe  Museum, High Street,

Winchcombe, Cheltenham, GL54 5LJ


Charity no: 1173052

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