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Winchcombe Museum - a local community and folk museum.

We would like to thank all of those who have kindly donated much need funds - both corporates and individuals. Many thanks to all.

The major corporate supporters are:

LEADER funding is jointly provided through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development ("EAFRD") and by the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs ("DEFRA')

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EU Logo Horizontal - Solid.png
Enovert Logo.png

Booth Charitable Foundation 


Dent Brocklehurst Family Trust  


Enovert Management Ltd  


Evan Adlard Trust  


Knitters & Natters Group 


Newsum Antiques  


Summerfield Trust  


Sunrise Rotary (Cheltenham)    

Thirty Percy Foundation 


Wentwood House Dental Practice 


Winchcombe Country Show


Winchcombe Lunch Club 


Winchcombe Methodist Wednesday



Winchcombe Together  


Winchcombe Town Council    

Plus many many more smaller and individual supporters.

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