Winchcombe Mysteries: No: 6


Where is it?

Winchcombe Mysteries: Who wrote it?

Matthew Brown of the Wesley House bought a hand-written history of Winchcombe at auction and donated it to the museum. As you can see, the author did not give his name. 

To whom is it dedicated? 

  • Possibly the Venerable John Timbrell, Vicar of Beckford and Archdeacon of Gloucester 

  • Or John Timbrell Esq. for whom a wall plaque in St Peter’s Church was erected by his daughters?


Who wrote it?

The writer gives his address as Virginia Terrace in London, so he might have been a London man or a highly educated Winchcombe man, staying in London. 

Learn about the suggestions and the evidence in An Anonymous History of Winchcombe, 1837, available from Winchcombe Museum and The Cotswold Eye Care Centre.




Where is it now?

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