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About Our Town Hall

The museum is located on the upper floor in the Victorian Old Town Hall building which is situated at the T-junction in the centre of Winchcombe. It can easily be recognised by the large round clock overhanging the main road.

Since becoming redundant in 1883, the Old Town Hall has had many uses including:

  • Local Court of Petty Sessions (with easy access to the stocks)

  • Cinema

  • Butcher's (ground floor)

  • Retiring Room

  • Dance Hall

  • Meetings and Banquets

town hall inside01
Town Hall in early 20th Century
The Town Hall
Town Hall-12
Town Hall-04
Town Hall-02
wall plaque01
Town Hall-15

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Since 1986 the Town Hall has housed Winchcombe Museum (owned by Winchcombe Town Trust) in the part of the building that was the old Court Room and Magistrates' private Retiring Room. In 1999, the Town Hall's exterior was renovated in a restoration project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


In 2014 further major works were undertaken to replace 2 of the 4 Cotswold stone columns at the front, as well as other stabilization work. 

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