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Smith Family of Winchcombe 1815 - 1911


A few days after Christmas in 1864, Winchcombe was rocked by the sudden and violent murder of Sarah Smith. Her death, at the age of 52, was even more tragic as she had been shot dead by her husband - not through any apparent animosity or marital dispute, but as a result of what was at the time termed 'insanity'.

The information on this site gives an overview of the members of the Smith family, including Richard and Sarah's 9 children, and looks in particular at Richard and his son James Adolphus, both of whom were surgeons. It's a journey that takes us from Winchcombe to Broadmoor and far-flung Burma and Australia.

The aim of the information provided is to contribute some detail and context to some of Winchcombe's past inhabitants. Not everyone on the family tree has been researched, therefore the details are not exhaustive. To make comments or suggest amendments please contact Anne Crow at Winchcombe Museum:

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