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Exploring Bellas Knap 

by Anne Crow
Exploring Belas Knap by Anne Crow.

A fascinating incite into the history of this Archaeologic site and its impact on the history of Winchcombe
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Roman Finds around Winchcombe and Sudeley
by Anne Crow with photographic illustrations by Alistair Robinson


This book immerses you into the world of Roman Winchcombe through descriptions of the many Roman finds that have been found in the area - many which are held at Winchcombe Museum!

The boo8k is priced at £8 plus £2 for postage and packaging

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Anne Crow has written a number of books the about the history and what to see in Winchcombe.  If you are thinking about visiting, or simply want to know more about this ancient historic town, its history or inhabitants then these are for you. 


The books are priced at £7.00 each plus £2.00 for postage and packing. To get your copy, you can order from Anne by phone on 01242 602571 or email


Discover Winchcombe

This small book is intended to be a guide to Winchcombe, based on a short walk around the old part of the town. Relics of Winchcombe's heritage are explored and some information given about other places of interest nearby.

Winchcombe Personalities - Volumes 1 & 2

This book is an attempt to writer about people from Winchcombe and the surrounding area whose lives were interesting for some reason: heroes and villains, victims and felons. It includes  people like William Edgar Holmes V.C. and also Richard Wiggins who achieved nothing spectacular, but was dedicated to his work as a shepherd. It soon became apparent that a second volume would be needed, acknowledging the contributions of people recently dead or still alive today. Suggestions and information will be much appreciated. Volume 2 has now been released.

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An Anonymous History of Winchcombe 1837

This is a transcription of a unique volume, a hand-written gift to a friend whom the author clearly valued very highly. It was written in the year Queen Victoria came to the throne and the very year that the ruined Sudeley Castle was bought by John and William Dent, so it gives a different picture of Winchcombe from the town we know today.

A Selection from The Fifth Glo’ster Gazette

This book contains a miscellany of songs, poems, sketches, stories and cartoons, all taken from the first trench newspaper to be printed at the Western Front during the First World War. The extracts have been selected, edited and organised to be a stimulating read, as well as accessible to a modern audience. The book is intended to honour those who fought and to remind us of what they had to endure. Some of the pieces are amusing, some angry, some nostalgic, and some showing determination to finish the job.

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John Oakey’s Reminiscences

"In these Reminiscences, John Oakey brings to life many aspects of Winchcombe in the past, spanning the years between the use of flint and tinder and home-made brimstone matches, and that of the electric switch. In his forthright and unpretentious style, the equivalent in writing of what he calls his 'plain … Gloucestershire speech', he recalls much that would otherwise be unknown to the present generation. He was born in 1847, ten years after John and William Dent bought the Sudeley estate with the derelict castle and became the Lords of the Manor of Winchcombe."

Weird and Wicked Winchcombe

This book deals with the darker side of Winchcombe's past. It brings together details of tragedies and betrayals, murders and brutality, crimes and punishments, as well as weird stories of ghosts and haunting, superstitions and black magic.

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A History of Winchcombe in 50 Objects

In this book, I have focused on fifty exhibits in the museum which help to tell the story of Winchcombe, as it unfolded from earliest times until the Millennium.

Winchcombe Flower Show - A History

The book covers the history of the Winchcombe Flower Show from 1950, through a name change to the Winchcombe Country Show to the 70thShow in 2019, with details of the two supporting activities, The Winchcombe Horse Show and the Winchcombe Hunter Trials. There are messages from several of the main committee members as well as memories of earlier Shows from between the wars from exhibitors and local people. My involvement was from 1975 through to 1992 in several official positions, and the text is based in part on my records and the memories of others active in the Shows. The book was written because only two founder members are still with us - Joyce Curnock and her sister Barbara Jean Roles.


All book sale proceeds are in support of the Winchcombe Museum.

The book is priced at £10.00 each plus £2.00 for postage and packing. To get your copy, you can order from Anne by phone on 01242 602571 or email


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