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Arts & Crafts
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  • A fascinating display of drawings from the excavations of Belas Knap in 1863-5 and 1928-30, as well as artefacts, including bones and Neolithic tools, given to Eleanor Adlard by Sir James Berry, as she had helped at the second excavation.

  • An interesting display of artefacts from Postlip Paper Mill, including a unique dandy roll, hand-made in the Nineteenth Century by George Tovey. This intricate piece of machinery was designed to imprint the water mark on huge sheets of blotting paper.

  • A collection of souvenirs of Winchcombe’s history, ranging from an Iron Age cup to a World War Two British field telephone, found in the tower of St Peter’s Church.

  • A selection of stones from the original Abbey site.

  • The Ross Simms police collection, including a Nineteenth Century Peeler’s uniform and other uniforms and weapons from around the world.

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