Our Virtual Museum

During this very difficult times in which we find ourselves, we at Winchcombe Museum want to retain some form of normality to our everyday lives. So, as we are unable to actually open the museum to you as visitors, we have decided to take the museum and some of its more important and interesting items and collection directly to you via the website and other ‘social media’ platforms.


During the past months, and continuing on, we have been highlighting on our ‘Virtual Museum’ pages some of the items and stories through a collection of photographs, text, downloadable documents and where appropriate some audio and video. We hope that in some way this compensates for you not being able to visit us at the moment. 


We will continue to do this whilst the current situation exists.

We have such a lot to show you that we have added some simple graphics to enable you to

see the 'virtual presentations' easier - they are still in the main menu as well. To view them simply click on any one of the images below and it will take you immediately to the presentation. You can then safely navigate round the other presentations. 

From here you can also navigate to our other virtual items - Winchcombe Mysteries, The War Memorial and Family search - simply click on one of the images.

Winchcombe Mysteries

Winchcombe Mysteries

View some of the 'mysteries' of our town


Winchcombe War Memorial

View a monthly record of our 'Fallen Soldiers'

Family search01.jpg

Family Search

Search your family, or one you are interested in.

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You can find us on Youtube

As part of our plan to keep the museum 'open' during the coronavirus restrictions, we regularly update the site with new and interesting, and sometimes intriguing, facts and items from within our collection.

We have also now added a number of short video presentations on YouTube which you might like to have a look at. They are very interesting.

The Perry Collection of Winchcombe Pottery

Winchcombe Abbey

The Civil War and Tobacco

Flowers in the Museum

Mythical Beasts in the Museum