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A local community and folk museum. 

One of our volunteers has been producing newsletters, giving background information to our exhibits or providing little known facts about Winchcombe and its inhabitants, past and present.

If you would like to read any of them,click on the 'pdf' link to the right of the  Newsletter.  If you have any questions or want to know more then please come into the Museum or email John Hancock -​. If you would like to be added to John's mailing list to get the Newsletters as they are published, then email John giving him your email address.  He will only use the information to provide you with a copy of the Newsletters.

Previous newsletters are also available to read - click here for a short synopsis of each newsletter. 

The complete newsletter can be obtained from:

Newsletter Number 32 for October 2019


I welcome readers to the thirty second issue of the Winchcombe Museum Newsletter. It is with sadness that I have to tell you that this will be the last newsletter under my editorship. After 32 issues I feel that it is time to pass the newsletter into fresh hands. I have enjoyed, very much, my time with you readers and I will be always grateful for the many kind and informative messages you have sent to me. I am very pleased to tell you that the plans are to continue the newsletter under the very capable and expert pen of Carol Harris. I wish Carol every success with the newsletter, I am sure you will all support her in the splendid manner that you have with me. Thank you.

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