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31 for September 2019

The Arts & Crafts Movement in the Cotswolds

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” (William Morris”)


In this issue we are going to concentrate on the Arts & Crafts Movement. The topic gets a regular mention as a part of the attractiveness of the Cotswolds and appears to divide people in terms of their likes and dislikes. When starting this piece I thought I liked the Arts & Crafts, the romance of the fabrics and wallpapers, the craftsmanship and quality of the furniture and nostalgia for a less hectic rural past. By the end I am not so sure, I wonder how you will feel as you read about the people and their work.

30 for August 2019

Thank you all for the many kind responses I had to the July newsletter. I cannot remember such a large reaction. The newsletter for August 2019 is a very significant one because we open with a request for your help in keeping the museum open and up to date. I include an image of the museum and the new banners and an appeal written by Michael Dufton and Alastair Robinson. I do hope that you will be able to help.

29 for July 2019

In the June issue of the Newsletter I suggested putting together some notes on your lives that might one day develop in to an autobiography. I am delighted to let you know that two people have indicated that they are thinking of starting the journey.

28 for June 2019



Welcome to the June edition of the Winchcombe Museum Newsletter. In this issue we open with a fascinating account of the work of Tony Fisher to build an autobiography for his family to read and save. Many of us think, from time to time, ‘I wish I had asked dad or mum about that holidaywhere...’ Tony has begun the task of making that record and I want it to inspire many readers tobegin the mission. It’s never too late or too soon to start. We also include an explanatory article on the Pittville Works web site which in terms of local history must be one of the best. Have a look at the actual site on the internet. It is so revealing. We conclude with a look at the local newspapers from June 1919. I do hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter.

27 for May 2019


First my thanks to readers for the pleasant and enthusiastic responses to the April newsletter. I am pleased you found the contents interesting. In this May issue we have three special features: an update on the development of the museum; the Insiders/Outsiders Festival and news by museum mentor Helen Brown of an important exhibition in Winchcombe. The national theme will continue with the news items that made the headlines one hundred years ago. There is news of a new museum publication about Winchcombe and the issue ends with a short poem that I just could not resist introducing to readers. Do keep in touch.

27: May 2019

Welcome to the 2019 series of Newsletters from Winchcombe Museum. The Newsletters began in April 2015 and this issue is Number 26. Each month, until October, you will receive a copy of the Newsletter. Features for this series will include “From the Museum’s Collection”, “One Hundred Years Ago in Winchcombe”, our very popular profiling of local people and news of ‘What’s on’ in terms of history within the local area. We hope you continue to enjoy the Newsletter.

From the Museum’s Collection:


26: April 2019

Welcome to the 2019 series of Newsletters from Winchcombe Museum. The Newsletters began in April 2015 and this issue is Number 26. Each month, until October, you will receive a copy of the Newsletter. Features for this series will include “From the Museum’s Collection”, “One Hundred Years Ago in Winchcombe”, our very popular profiling of local people and news of ‘What’s on’ in terms of history within the local area. We hope you continue to enjoy the Newsletter. From the Museum’s Collection: Roman Coins

25th Nov 2018

Fifth Glo’ster Gazette
The first and longest-running trench war 
magazine from WW1

Winchcombe Remembers:
A programme of songs and readings at the Methodist Hall on 4 November 2018



24: October 2018

The ending of WW1 and the Peace Treaty
​Laurence Binyon - a great war poet connected with Winchcombe

23: Sep 2018


​Half Crowns
Robert Noble Jackson
A remarkable vicar and naval officer
Regnal Numbers
Museum Winter Talks Programme

​22: Aug 2018


Modern History: Part II Ian Margrett



21: July 2018


Winchcombe 1841
Some unusual occupations
Gloucestershire Library: A marvellous source for all who love history
Train line II: the timetable
Fountain Pens
What’s On
Places to visit: Dore Abbey and Buscot Park
Historic Houses Association
100 years ago: Part IV men’s fashion
Notes from readers about Newsletter Number 20
How does this feel?

20: June 2018


Winchcombe Invasion Committee War Book
The good History Teacher
Train Line I; Rail map of local stations
100 years ago: Part III Food and rationing.
Places to visit: National Memorial Arboretum, Russell Museum, Broadway
Manhole Covers revisited
What’s On
Modern History: Part I Tim Petchey
Museums in the news
Stop Press: Winchcombe Museum mounts displays of Scandinavian glass and of Belas Knap



19: May 2018


Gloucester Street History Group Journal
Holst Museum & Holst Walk
Using newspapers
Places to visit: Blickling Hall & Felbrigg Hall
One Hundred Years Ago Part II: Changing forenames.
Events: Winchcombe Festival of ‘Music & Arts’
What’s On
Follow up to the April Newsletter Number 18
A Message from Winchcombe Town Trust.

18: April 2018


Winchcombe Pottery, the James and Diane Perry collection gift
Events: War time in the Cotswolds
Little used words from Edwardian Literature
What’s On
Publication from the Museum: ‘A History of Winchcombe in 50 objects’
New history books to read.

​17: October 2017


Another marvellous gift: Diane & Jim Perry Pottery Collection.
Modern History: Number2 Jim Mason
Queens Award for Voluntary Service
Enquiry – an ongoing request: A request for information about William Harding and the reply.
Winchcombe Abbey: A special map by John Nevison.

16: August 2017


Heritage Open Days
Shoe box time: Gerry and Sue Whitby explore an aunts’ shoebox photograph collection.
Successful ‘Outreach’ meetings.
A splendid piece of research: Beyond the War Memorial by Carol Harris
The mystery of Stumps Cross
Museum books for sale: ‘Weird & Wicked Winchcombe’.
Winchcombe U3A History Group is formed.

15:  May 2017


New name and logo for the museum
New acquisitions for the museum: George Dowsell policeman collection
Changing face of sporting Winchcombe: Cribbage league.
Modern History: Judy Stagg
Responses to newsletters:
                Barbara Edward comments on Burt Butler, Jacobean House, Fred Russell
                John Silcock writes giving names for Zoe Brooks photograph search and Fred Russell                   
                Sue Hughes confirms photograph of Dr Shortt.

14: October 2016

Gloucestershire Echo Bygones Supplement.
The Town Clock & Hodnet Church in Shropshire.
Zoe and John Brooks photograph identification.
Rental TV memories with Barbara Gill.
DVD of Winchcombe in 1939.
Winter Talks programme
Damage repair report by Michael Dufton.
Feedback from Newsletter Number 13
                Alan & Jackie Thomas report on Harold Greening & Fred Russell
                Rosemary Potter wrote from Bournemouth Harold Greening
Stop Press
                Zoe Brooks reports on people in the photograph.
                Annabelle Burton suggests a ‘Pilgrims Way’ for Winchcombe.
Sad news
                Death of Linda Shakespeare.
                Ross Sims retires from Winchcombe Town trust and as Museum Curator.

13: September 2016

An introduction to : the Greenings, Charles Sexty, George Wiggins and Joan Cunningham.
Peter Binyon Royle, Estate Agent. Frank Green
Responses to Newsletter Number 12:
                John Silcock writes on cycle shops and petrol stations.
                Gerry Whitby writes on the Town Clock.
Museum display at the Winchcombe Country Fair
Identification of Iron Age pot.

11 & 12: July 2016


The Town Clock
Food rationing (April 1945)
The story of Winchcombe cinema: Part II
                The Barnes family
                The changing cinema.

10: June 2016

A love of history: memorable events.
Special interest folders in the museum.
Winchcombe Cinema, Part I.
Responses to Newsletter Number 9 from John Silcock, Jackie Thomas and Derek Crooknell.

9: May 2016

The value of maps: Winchcombe 1883, 1903 and 1921.
Responses received to Newsletter Number 8
Availability of former Ordnance Survey Maps: Alan Godfrey maps.

8: April 2016

Our built environment.
The Cottage Hospital, North Street.
Lloyds Bank, Abbey Terrace.
Other important buildings in Winchcombe.
Matters arising from Newsletter 7: a note on John Oakey: spelling of Winchcombe.
Launch of Museum Lectures.
Reference Books in the Museum.  ​

7: October 2015

Letters, diaries and personal papers we leave behind.
Reading early twentieth century letters:
                Eliza Wedgwood & Nurse Ewins
                Cpl Butterworth, 12th Suffolk Bantam Battalion
                Poem by A.V. Turner at Winchcombe VAD hospital.
The Old School House, Pat Quinn & Sheila Hood.
The spelling of Winchcomb(e).
Pat Smith's garage.
A South African Visitor.

6: September 2015


Building your own collection. The Ross Simms Collection.
Answers to Nostalgia questions in Newsletter 5.


5: August 2015


Nostalgia and memories.
Nostalgia questions for Winchcombe and answers. Lyrics to ‘Slow Train’.

4: July 2015


Museum and the past. Back ground information on surnames.
Surnames riches at Winchcombe Museum. Internet help with surnames.
Cheltenham Heritage open days.

3: June 2015


Changing pattern of schools in Winchcombe

2: May 2015

History of Winchcombe Paper Mill


1: April 2015  ​


History of Winchcombe Pottery

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